Low Voltage Circuit Breakers
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Low voltage circuit breakers are the type that most homeowners and private citizens are familiar with.

They are small, easily replaceable, and are installed in breaker panels for easy access. The smallest of the low voltage circuit breakers are called MCBs, or miniature circuit breakers.

They are rated to carry a current of no more than 100 amps and can withstand a charge of no more than 1,000 amps. Any charge higher will cause the breaker to burnout. The next largest low voltage circuit breaker is the one we see most commonly. MCCB's or molded case circuit breakers are good for 1,000 amps and will safely disconnect a current that exceeds 10 times this number.

They are all considered magnetic circuit breakers as they use an electromagnetically powered solenoid to break the circuit when too much power runs through it.